Programming Languages Must to Be Learnt in 2020

Programming Languages Must to Be Learnt in 2020

The high level of technological effectiveness in our life is observed in almost all its spheres.

As more and more people have begun to deal effectively with programming, there have emerged some programming languages ​​with powerful functionality and development capabilities.

Sometimes it is quite difficult to choose a certain language ideal for working among numerous available options. You have to take into account their level of simplicity and their requirements among some other factors that may confuse beginners and make it clear that not always the chosen one meets the expectations.

Practical knowledge of several programming languages ​​has repeatedly helped scientists, developers and engineers in various fields to succeed.

One of the largest online web developer communities StackOverflow has conducted a survey on the most popular programming languages ​​in the future 2020.The first place is expected to take

  •  Python, which is likely to stay there for a long time due to its versatility and commitment to open source software.Most people who intend to focus on server-side programming often choose Python because of the presence of several libraries, which is very useful for scripting and plug-ins.The code written in this language is simple and easy to read, so Python is more often recommended for beginners who may not understand the complex syntax of other languages.After a few lessons, you start writing simple, error-free codes.Python is open to use, even though it is an object-oriented language.Asynchronous coding construction is another major advantage of Python, allowing you to run a block of code separately from the main stream. However, this type of a parallel programming does not affect the performance of your code.Big tech companies have chosen Python as their primary programming language,as they begin to explore other opportunities in data analytics, robotics, etc. Although debugging can be even very difficult, it is possible to develop algorithms for code testing. Running a debugging test together with the master code will save you time while developing programs which should give you the desired result.Instagram, Google, Netflix and similar companies use Python to develop cross-platform solutions.
    In 2020, we will be able to see even more projects developed with the help of this language, which will probably be a plus for both experienced Python connoisseurs and those who want to learn this programming language.
  •  JavaScript is undoubtedly also a popular language among web developers. It made it possible to create several frameworks that simplify your code. This, in turn, provides a greater ability to validate client-side data and identify any weaknesses in your web application. JavaScript is a dynamic, freely typed, prototype-based programming language used in many WEB development environments.Besides, being a very common client-side web programming language, it is also used to write IDE plugins and is the basis for other platforms.Dynamic programming languages ​​are executed at runtime; they are not compiled. Because of this, JavaScript is sometimes considered to be a scripting language, not a true programming language. When you have JavaScript in an HTML document, it will be parsed when the page is being loaded in the browser, therefore, at runtime.With the release of ECMAScript 6 and the popularity of frameworks such as Angular, Node, Express and React, the use of JavaScript has become common for both server-side and client-side programming.Popular sites such as eBay, PayPal and Uber are developed using JavaScript.Web applications developed in JavaScript can be adapted for different languages ​​and countries using online localization services from The Word Point or other providers.
  •  TypeScript predicted to rank 3 in 2020 is a JavaScript-compiled programming language specially designed for large-scale applications.The necessity for a constant improvement of the performance and other attributes of computer programs have led to the development of this language. In order to increase security creating large applications, Microsoft has specifically developed a well-structured programming language with a strict syntax. It is designed to be compiled almost without errors, so debugging is not necessary.Also, with the advanced toolkit, you can create multiple components to greatly simplify application development.TypeScript is an object-oriented programming language that is constantly updated with some new characteristics and additional features making it easier to use. Its use in Microsoft Visual Studio development is an evidence of the endless possibilities that are opened due to TypeScript.StackOverflow statistics say that TypeScript is also gaining popularity and may be ahead of JavaScript in 2020.
  •  Kotlin is another great cross-platform programming language that you should consider in your arsenal in 2020. Its similarity to Java has allowed Android developers to switch seamlessly from one language to another, gaining access to their previously created frameworks. As Android is gradually gaining ground in the smartphone market, several opportunities may be opened up for Kotlin users, who prefer both frontend and backend programming. The fact that IDE, Android Studio and IntelliJ support Kotlin is a great benefit that gives users the power, flexibility and ease to create effective code. Using Kotlin in Pinterest and Evernote applications has shown us what amazing things can be done with the help of a small number of code lines.There are several other languages ​​that can also become popular in 2020. Like GoLang, which is mainly used to create frameworks.So, a practical knowledge of any of the above mentioned languages ​​should definitely help you with the development of your computer projects 2020.

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