Truth Social App Will Launch Soon

Truth Social App Will Launch Soon
The official launch of the new uncensored social network Truth Social App is scheduled for the end of February 2022.

While on its page, you can already register in standby mode. 
Former President Donald Trump is known to have been blocked from major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram following the January 8, 2021 riots.

At that time, he had 89 million followers on Twitter, 33 million on Facebook and 24 million on Instagram. 
After that, Trump announced the creation of a new social network Truth Social, in which it will be possible to communicate "freely, without discrimination based on political ideology."

The Trump Media & Technology Group recently announced with partners that it has secured a $1 billion investment. The main investors, of course, are not disclosed, but the entire project is now estimated at $4 billion.

According to Reuters, many Wall Street companies are not considering the possibility of serious investments in the new project, but it is supported by some hedge funds and wealthy private investors. Trump once again confirmed his ability to attract solid investors to projects.

Now in the process is the first stage of Trump's campaign to conquer the digital space. Next, the streaming service TMTG+ is planned, which will broadcast entertainment shows and news.
It is planned that the project will compete with tech giants such as Amazon cloud service and Google Cloud.

Trump's social network shares will be available on Wall Street trading after the merger of two major investors Trump Media & Technology Group and Digital World Acquisition.

However, of course, this project immediately had many critics who are sure that Trump will not be able to create a second Facebook or Twitter.
“If the ex-president of the United States wants to create a social network that competes with Twitter or Facebook, he will not succeed.

Clearly, his TRUTH Social is overly politicised and unlikely to become a platform for the free exchange of all sorts of ideas, like on Twitter, or a place for family accounts, like Facebook, consider some American analysts.

We can only say, let’s see!
And, yes, we have already registered, to check for ourselves!)