Art-Deco – Design Trend of 2022

Art-Deco – Design Trend of 2022

Let’s talk about one Art-Deco, the one 2022 design trend that stands somewhat apart from the others.

Maybe because it takes roots in the class and style of 20th century’s very beginning.

Amongst the vivid colors, damaged aesthetics, psychedelic design, and wild movement, this upcoming trend

differentiates itself with clean, strong lines as an organising design principle.

It is Art Deco, that packs both luxury and machine-age streamlining geometry.

The art style appeared in the early 20th century as a direct response to Art Nouveau and the old ways.

Art Nouveau was characterised by the raw force of nature, showing dynamic, whiplash curves and motifs.

Art Deco on the opposite tried to show the beauty of machinery with the means of pure geometry.

Art Nouveau is the more organic style whilst Art Deco tends to be more polished.

Art Deco truly embraced the influence of the industrial revolution.

Its designs were therefore more symmetrical and streamlined, attempting to make machine-made objects more aesthetically appealing to everybody.

So, what exactly is Art Deco?

The easiest way to recognize the comeback of this beautiful style is to look for symmetry, geometry, and simple but aesthetically pleasing works. Art Deco takes the unapologetic and anti-traditional and turns it into geometric forms and bold outlines. Think The Great Gatsby aesthetics.

It’s characterised by cubist style geometric shapes and patterns, combined with a sense of luxury and glamour.

Its philosophy is all about innovation, modernism, and looking forward with sturdiness, quiet dignity, and resilience.

With everything that’s been happening for the last couple of years, there’s no surprise such philosophies find their way back to art and graphic design.