The Future of Facebook

The Future of Facebook

1. Enhancing Social Discovery

In 2024, Facebook is focusing on two main areas: creating a new generation of social media for young people and leveraging advanced AI capabilities.

2. Focusing on Young Adults

With over 40 million daily active users in the US and Canada, youth engagement is at its highest in three years. Facebook supports young people during significant life transitions—moving, starting college, new jobs—by making it easier to find great deals on Marketplace, explore interests through Reels and Groups, connect with local communities, and use Facebook Dating.

3. Expanding AI Capabilities

Facebook has improved Reels and News Feed ranking technologies to enhance recommendations. The new AI model architecture will soon be used in many products, aiming to become the best recommendation technology globally by 2026. Meta Llama’s generative AI also enhances social discovery, for instance, by transforming a recipe with a single click.

4. Improving Video and Private Sharing

Facebook has updated video features, including a new fullscreen player and a slider for longer videos. Private video sharing has increased by over 80% year-over-year, so the company has added quick sharing options across platforms like WhatsApp.

5. Supporting Content Creators

Professional Mode simplifies the process of creating content and earning money on Facebook, now with over 100 million daily active users. The new payout model rewards creators based on content performance, expanding monetization opportunities across all formats.

So let’s use social media not just for entertainment. 

Stay tuned, more exciting information is on the way!