For Schools, Teachers, and Organizations: Free Opportunities

For Schools, Teachers, and Organizations: Free Opportunities

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In March 2024, Canva and Affinity pledged to make Affinity free for teachers, schools, and nonprofit organizations. Currently, these groups already have access to free premium plans for Canva for Education and Canva for Nonprofits. Over 60 million students and teachers, along with 600,000 charitable organizations, are benefiting from these services.

Soon, they will also receive free access to Affinity Designer, Photo, and Publisher. These tools will help students master professional design skills and enable organizations to strengthen their societal impact.

The advantage of Affinity lies in its simplicity and accessibility, thanks to its fast and easy-to-use set of tools. Providing free access to Affinity for schools allows students to explore professional alternatives at the start of their careers.

If you are a registered teacher, nonprofit, or school, make sure to join the waitlist to receive free access to Affinity.

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