Do you want to grow your organization on social media?

Do you want to grow your organization on social media?

Canva unlocks new opportunities

Great design is more than just aesthetics; it’s a powerful tool for making an impact. In today’s visual world, where users expect appealing content, Canva helps nonprofits effectively tell their stories.

Visual-First Approach

Visual storytelling builds empathy and garners support. Canva offers a wide array of resources and customizable templates to meet your needs:

  • Fundraising: Fresh templates to boost your fundraising efforts.
  • Volunteering: Vibrant templates for volunteer announcements.
  • Social Media: Thousands of templates for posts and videos.
  • Posters and Billboards: Templates for impactful campaigns.
  • Crisis Management: Ready-to-use tools for quick responses.
  • Reporting: Templates for reports and presentations.

Brand Management

Canva’s Brand Kit centralizes your colors, logos, and fonts, ensuring a consistent look across all your projects.

Access Millions of Images

Canva provides access to millions of free stock photos and illustrations, reflecting the diversity of communities around the world.

Easy Website Creation

Creating beautiful and interactive websites with Canva has never been easier. Templates make it possible to build your site in just a few clicks.

Print Your Designs

With Canva Print, you can bring your designs to life on various products, from flyers to clothing.

Data Visualization

Use Canva’s data visualization tools to showcase your achievements and tell your stories effectively.

If you need custom designs, quick solutions, and a professional approach, reach out to 3DW. We’re always happy to be part of your successful team.