Sonic The Hedgehog transformation or the peculiarities of CGI design.

Sonic The Hedgehog transformation or the peculiarities of CGI design.
A few months ago the Paramount film company presented the official trailer of the first
full-length film about a super-hedgehog Sonic, the legendary hero of Sega video games
popular in the 90s.
But the creators` pride of their creation vanished because of the criticism that hadovertaken the film studio and, in particular, the CGI designers who had been developing the
image of the unique blue hedgehog. Almost the entire generation of 90s video game enthusiasts rebelled against the updated character, declaring a true holy war on the company in the comments.
“Look how they have massacred my boy …” – said
thousands of gifs through the mouth of Marlon
Brando in the Godfather`s role…
And the reason for this is that the designers, you see, have too humanized the image of Sonic – they have added normal teeth, normal eyes, a nose, and … it has been done completely wrong!
Enraged fans are a powerful thing, and the company urgently releases a redone version, a
new official trailer in which the image of Sonic satisfies everyone and rehabilitates CGI designers in the public opinion).
And the company must have learned a lesson:
you can’t just fill the teeth of your favorite
character, that is like Gandalf has his beard shaved!!! (а pure nightmare))).
Both trailers are on YouTube, and the long-awaited Sonic Hedgehog The Movie will be released in February 2020.