Locket App – а New Trendy Social Network!

Locket App – а New Trendy Social Network!
Locket app, the widget for iPhone has grown into a trending social network and has been in the global top of the App Store for several weeks now.
Locket is a social network with minimal functionality.
The author of the application is the University of California graduate Matt Moss. 
He came up with it in the summer of 2021 as a birthday present for a girl. In the fall, she went to study to another city and the couple decided to keep in touch with the help of photos on the desktop of the phone.
Many Moss's friends loved the idea and persuaded him to place the widget in the App Store.

Launched on January 1, the app immediately went viral.

In two weeks from the release date, more than two million users around the world have registered with the service.
It is noted that when registering, it is enough to indicate a phone number, allow access to the contact list and camera.
After that, the service will offer to send links to people with whom the user communicates most often (and who have an iPhone).

Unlike Instagram, Locket does not have a feed in the usual sense: all photos are displayed in a widget, and instead of dozens of friends, you can add only five people from your contact list.

There are no photo and video uploads, no gallery or statistics - just snapshots for friends and family.

Moss does not exclude that in the future the functionality of the service will expand, for example, editing tools will appear or the limit on the number of friends will increase.

The developer plans to release an application for Android in the near future.