Creativity in advertising

Creativity in advertising

Creativity, reaching beyond the standard expectations, has always paid for itself in advertising.

Specially designed asymmetry of forms, surrealism, emphasized illogicality, aimed, nonetheless, at enhancing the characteristics of the advertised product or service – these things, undoubtedly, attract attention, stay in memory, make you talk about themselves.

And here it is, bingo! Advertising has reached the goal!

However, there is one small detail of such a courageous approach to advertising. It’s sometimes a fine line, for instance, between good-natured humor and bad manners, between a good taste and no taste.

Certainly, a subjective understanding of an advertising message by a customer, a designer and a target audience plays a significant role. But often in pursuit of potential clients’ attention advertisers can find themselves on the brink.

Would you agree on some creative solutions in advertising or are you up to the classic, though, with its simple, beautiful visualization?