5 Steps of Taking Business Online.

5 Steps of Taking Business Online.

In the new conditions, almost all the processes we are used to have changed. Certain businesses have unfortunately suspended or reduced their activities. Others try to adapt to remote work whenever possible. Namely, go online. The phrase “Go online” is perceived by many as a change of profession or the creation of courses. ⠀
In fact, in order to “go online” you don’t have to become a bad SMM-specialist, take another course or completely close offline processes.

You just need to adapt your work to the online format. And you don’t have to go offline.

However, how are things going in socially significant areas, for example, education? ⠀
Lots of English tutors, but no normal online history or physics tutors. It would seem that difficult? Create an account in one or more of the social networks; learn to use Zoom, Skype, What’s App and, in fact, work at least a couple of hours a day online, without prejudice to offline.
But here new difficulties arise.

Working with the audience offline, you see the eyes of the audience, you can evaluate how clear the material is, how interesting it is, whether it is worth giving a new topic or telling a funny story so that the audience will turn their attention and take a breath. Here imagination, pedagogical skills and your desire to learn new forms and methods will already help you.

Everyone worries about school teachers in physics, history, mathematics, etc.

If you want to help them, tell them that they can find 5-6 students at $ 10 per hour, 2 times a week. And make a decent amount of money without prejudice to your main job.

Help them master Instagram and Zoom. And make their life better)

The transition of all professions online (not just marketers and copywriters) is a global trend for the next decade. 2020 only accelerated this inevitable process and kicked off.
From here, you can draw up a plan from the simple steps already mentioned above:
1. Register in social networks and become their active user.
2. Learn to use Zoom. Viber, Google, Whats App and other services.
3. The importance of the technical component. You shouldn’t skimp on the services that you use or plan to use. Of course, you can use conditional Zoom for free and create new virtual chat rooms every 45 minutes. But this will hinder both students and teachers. Paid subscriptions cost from $ 5 to $ 25 per month, while the quality of services and the absence of restrictions will take online training to a new level.
4. Learn more about online learning, develop.
5. Keep students motivated to learn.

These ideas can also be useful for business implementation.
Of course, any transformation, especially a forced one, is stressful – for someone more, for someone less. But still, there is no need to stop, it is worth continuing to search for new opportunities and use the situation to develop new projects and ideas.