WhatsApp for Business: What You Need to Know

WhatsApp for Business: What You Need to Know

The regular WhatsApp messenger is used for one-on-one messaging, voice calls, and video calls via phone number. Users can also create group chats among several people.

If you own a small or medium-sized business, consider using WhatsApp Business. Here, you can provide customers with additional information about your business – your website, a brief description, working hours, when customers can expect a response, etc.

This free version of the WhatsApp app can be downloaded on the phones of four employees or used in a browser via WhatsApp Web.

Key Benefits of WhatsApp for Business:

Quick Communication with Customers Use short links and QR codes for instant customer access to direct chats with you.

Labeling Conversations Sort customers by conversation type, such as new or existing clients, sales questions, or complaints. This is useful for companies with a large customer base.

Reaching a Wide Audience The Broadcasts feature allows you to connect with up to 256 users at once. Users must save your number to receive broadcast messages.

Message Automation Automate repetitive messages and focus on important parts of the conversation. WhatsApp Business offers:

  • Greeting Messages: Welcome new clients or respond to new chats.
  • Away Messages: Respond to inquiries outside working hours.
  • Quick Replies: Template responses to common questions.

Additionally, for large companies or those who want to integrate WhatsApp into their customer relationship management (CRM) systems, there is the WhatsApp Business API, which offers advanced features and customization options.

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