Canva Introduces New AI Capabilities

Canva Introduces New AI Capabilities

We have already tested some of the capabilities

Last year, according to Canva representatives, AI-based tools from Magic Studio were used over five billion times since their launch. This year, these popular tools are reaching a new level.

What’s New?

Magic Media: Now you can generate perfect graphics. Create icons, stickers, and illustrations just by describing them.

Magic Write: Generate texts with a unique tone of your voice. Simply upload a sample, and with one click, Magic Write will create a text specifically for you.

Magic Design: Now you can generate higher quality templates every time, with less need for editing or tweaking.

Styles: Apply styles from other designs with one click. Copy the style from a design you like, your brand’s design, a Canva template, or even an image, and transform your design to match the tone.

Layouts: Get inspired by ready-made slides.

Resize & Magic Switch: Transform any design into a personalized document. It allows you to turn brainstorming sessions into a brief or a presentation.

Photo Editor: Easily edit photo elements with Magic Grab. Effortlessly select any element in your photo for moving, removing, or replacing, and then turn it into a mockup template.

Video Editor: Use Highlights to showcase the best parts of your videos and generate short, captivating clips. Remove background noise with Enhance Voice.

Try out the new features and simplify your creative process!