“The Red Beard” – Fire Tamers from Lutsk

“The Red Beard” – Fire Tamers from Lutsk

In the Lutsk smithy “Ruda Boroda”(the Red Beard) medieval shields and armor are being created, and the owner is inspired by the 700 years old blacksmith’s instrument!
Sergei Schmidt was engaged in medieval battles for over 10 years, but after the injury decided to open his own smithy.

The peculiarity of the brand is that all products are made from the recycled materials.Masters buy material in scrap metal warehouses or even use leftovers from Soviet times. Metal melting consumes a lot of energy and coal, which has a negative impact on the environment. In such case, the usage of recycled materials is a good contribution to nature.

Masters are inspired by historical analogues, which they try to reproduce. “There is no special technology, we do not even create an approximate form. It’s just that when you look at metal you already understand what and how it will come out.”

“Metal products have special energy. We don’t even grind them, because when you see a thing with traces of forging, you understand how special, authentic, with your soul. The fire conveys a unique pattern that cannot be repeated.”

“The main specialization of our work is knight’s shields. They must be strong, because the safety of the fighter depends on it and light in weight, for an easy defense with their help. The warrior has to have a convenient and reliable weapon. Usually we look for ancient national ornaments and depict them on shields. Somebody may ask for something specific, such as club symbols. The shield is the identification of the warrior.

Our armor has also been bought for the Ukrainian historical movies Zastava and King Danylo.”
“I am glad that the films try to show our historical past so that people do not have a distorted idea. For example, they say that a knight could saddle a horse only with a help of the crane or that the Vikings wore horned helmets – that’s all nonsense.”
“Our armor and swords are enjoyed abroad – the United States, Canada, Chile, China, Japan, Australia, Europe. Knight tournaments are popular all over the world, and our shields are often seen by fans of this sport at festivals and tournaments.”

via shotam.info