Revolutionary Technologies Get the Retro Poster Treatment.

Revolutionary Technologies Get the Retro Poster Treatment.

Can you imagine how today’s biggest tech inventions would look like on vintage posters? We can’t. But now that someone else has imagined it for us, we are happy to have these new-but-old posters in our lives.
Uswitch has taken several pieces of revolutionary tech and gave them posters fit for the Mad Men era. Some of them look like they should be in our best print ads roundup, and they all serve as a reminder of just how life-changing some of this tech is.

By comparing the likes of the PlayStation 5 to having an entire arcade in your living room, we realize just how surprising such technology would have been some 60 years ago.

How shocked was the lady who learned that she could have her very own personal doctor on her wrist, as well as the joyful family on the PS5 – there are no images of sole players sitting in their bedrooms here. No, gaming is all about family fun!

Perhaps our favourite ad is the one about the iPhone, which turns the phrase about an apple a day keeping the doctor away into a slogan about… well, an Apple product: ‘An iPhone a day – keeps the boredom away’. We don’t know anyone who looks at their phone just once a day, what about an iPhone several times a day? Either way, it’s really catchy.

via https://www.uswitch