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E- commerce: significance and benefits
Electronic commerce (E-commerce) is the process of buying and selling goods, services using the Internet. Today, a lot of activities are closely related to the Web. Therefore, the creation of electronic stores is the engine of a successful business.

Ecommerce Benefits:

  • Ease of use for customers.
  • 24/7 service availability.
  • Worldwide sales.

WooCommerce: best solution for online store

WooCommerce is a free extension for WordPress and one of the most popular plugins for electronic sales in the world. Having significant experience in work with WooCommerce, we use its best plugins for the online store development of any complexity. WooCommerce is highly stable, easy to set up and expand. The evidence of this is the following key features of this system:
Goods. With WooCommerce you can sell various products of any shape and size.

Payment. WooCommerce includes the ability to accept payments through credit cards, bank transfers or cash on delivery.

Delivery. The flexibility of the delivery parameters allows you to set different types of delivery depending on the country and customers.

Design. Customize your store’s design with hundreds of free and paid themes with the ability to add your own brand and style.

Reliability. WooCommerce provides full control of the service use and protects your data – you can add and remove extensions, change store design, switch themes, hosts.

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