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Today millions of people spend a lot of time on the Internet. Even watching TV shows, they are looking for some information or products to buy. And here for businessmen the question raises: how should the web design look like to attract more visitors. Long ago businessmen realized that the adaptive or mobile version of the site should be a must-have.

But first, you need to figure out which web design is better. More recently, the mobile version has been replaced by an adaptive design. Unlike the mobile version, adaptive design does not require much effort and separate development. Initially Mobile First was created, allowing to develop websites for viewing on gadgets, phones and tablets. But this version is already losing its popularity, because using it you need to write a separate code with specific functions.Mobile version has to include the following:

  1. Important information that should be located at the very beginning.
  2. The site should weigh a little space so that the mobile interface can load the web resource.
  3. Convenient interface for a small screen. Very often developers forget about it.

 So, in the mobile version each item is created separately. First of all, it concerns a site where you can select menus and navigation. The front pages show only the most essential elements of the basic resource. When using the mobile version, products are duplicated and a new domain is created. But no one wants to do unnecessary activities, thus wasting money and time. That is why the mobile version is gradually receding into the past.

Unlike the mobile version, adaptive design is not created separately. All elements and products of the site are adjusted to the screen size of the phone or tablet. In fact, this is the same site as on a computer, but it is more flexible and convenient for viewing information on a miniature screen. Adaptive web design is not expensive, as opposed to the mobile version. This kind of design does not have a separate URL, because there is no need to create an alternative version. Obviously, adaptive design has more pros than cons. For SEO-promotion, the best choice will be the adaptive design. While the mobile version requires the creation of a new website in order to promote a resource, in the adaptive layout you only need to adapt the design to the existing website.To sum up, it is important to note that the mobile version is losing its popularity due to the large expenditure of time for its development. Managing your website with a help of adaptive layout is much faster and easier. For the past 5 years, web designers have been recommending to use adaptive layout, which will greatly facilitate work with websites not only to designers and customers, but also to users.


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