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Hosting / domain administration

Hosting is the leasing of server space and capacity for the site.
Hosting is provided to store, manage, and modify the site files constantly throughout the day and night.
For this purpose the special control panels are being installed, where the administrator downloads and deletes files, changes the appearance of the site, observes its performance.

Each site requires a different amount of resources, so there are different hosting options. They vary in the amount of memory allocated, the functionality and the software required.
Shared Hosting.
This is a type of hosting where the power of one server is divided into many parts and leased to a large number of users. Several hundred sites can be hosted on a single server at a time.


Shared hosting is used for small projects. This type of hosting is suitable for a business site – online business card, promotional page, portfolio, blog, or small online store.
Virtual Dedicated Server.

This is hosting where the physical remote server is divided into into multiple isolated virtual machines each one performing as an independent, stand alone-dedicated server and is leased separately. There can be several dozen separate virtual servers for each client on a single dedicated server.
Such hosting is suitable for an online store, a forum with a large number of visitors, an application or a corporate site where clients and employees have accounts or personal mail.

Dedicated Server.

This is the type of hosting when the client is allocated a whole remote server. In this case, you do not depend on other clients hosting provider. Your abilities are only limited by the server`s capabilities.

This hosting is suitable for a game server, social network, banking site, large online store, or an application that requires a lot of resources.
Cloud Hosting.

This is hosting where you only pay for the amount of resources needed, and the hosting provider distributes them between random servers. Cloud hosting differs from the virtual dedicated server by the absence of specific tariffs with limitations in the use of resources. At any time, depending on the needs of the site, it is possible to increase all the necessary parameters by using additional cloud capacity.

This type of hosting is suitable for media sites, online stores, applications, or sites that lack virtual server resources.

This is a hosting service that requires you to host your servers with a hosting provider. In doing so, the provider must provide a room for your equipment and a dedicated channel for Internet access.

Our agency will help you to decide on the best hosting option for your project, we also provide assistance in the registration, setting up and management of office mail, timely renewal of hosting.
A domain (domain name) is the address (name) of a site in the web, consisting of a set of characters and numbers. Each domain name on the Internet is unique.
When choosing the right name for your site, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • the domain name is short and memorable;
  • the domain name is associated with your activity;
  • the domain name includes the name of your brand or company;
  • domain zone refers to the territory of the site audience.

Our agency provides domain name matching services to help your site reach as many potential customers as possible.
We also offer an opportunity to quickly register a domain and to extend its registration.

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