Analysis of the market, competitiors and consumers

We analyze the market where a product is planned to be launched, consider free niches, evaluate competitors. Then we determine the target audience of a product, draw up a detailed consumer profile. A team of marketing specialists studies tastes, preferences, consumer environment and product consumption situation. Example: Analysis of the mineral water market in Ukraine.

Internal audit of the company

At this stage, we investigate the company itself, its products, philosophy, values and brand mission. This information will help choose the name that will reveal the brand highlighting its features. The result of the audit is a brand characterization document. In this document marketers enter all the information concerning the main qualities of the brand, its positioning and appearance.

Development of technical specifications

Technical specification is a document with a detailed description of the requirements. An account manager and a customer draw up this document collectively. All further activities are carried out in accordance with the paragraphs prescribed in TS.

Definition of the main idea

We distinguish the main idea of the naming, i.e. the message of a brand name that should be conveyed to consumers. Generation of name variations (more than 1000 pieces). The project team studies information about the company and products, the interests of the audience, invents names for the brand. During this process, copywriters and namers are searching for inspiration in music, cinema, the surrounding world, browsing thousands of thematic or abstract images.

Choosing name variants

fterwards the process of screening out the extra options takes place. We test them for phonetics, conduct an analytical analysis of linguistics and name stylistics, psycholinguistic analysis, also analyze semantics and associative series, memorability. Then we check the selected options for uniqueness. The top 15 options fall into the final presentation. For each of them we develop an accompanying text.

Development of the visual component

For each name, we develop visual accompaniment. It helps to illustrate the name, talk about it from an emotional point of view, simplify the choice. The visual range demonstrates positioning, we also create indicative logo visualization for each of the options.

Selection of the final version

Then out of 15 options, a customer selects 3 and we conduct a survey of the target audience. With its help, we know how the name is remembered and what the name is associated with, how people pronounce it. Then, having received 3 concepts and analysis of surveys, the customer makes a choice in favor of one of the options.

Trade mark registration consulting

The final stage is a consultation on registering a brand. 3D World staff will tell about all the nuances and give tips on registering a brand name.


Please fill this brief. This will help us better understand your idea and determine approximate time-frame and cost of development. Your full answers will help us realize your project better and faster. If you have any questions, our managers will be glad to answer them!

1. General information

  • 1.2 Contact person, address:
  • (Country, City, Street)

2. Future name general requirements

  • 2.1 Term and conditions:

  • Development of 10 unique names in one language
  • Each name has it's own origin description
  • Preliminary checking of the name for uniqueness
  • Checking for free domains: *.ua/
  • 5 unique names development (for free, if necessary)
  • 100% prepayment
  • Development period: 4...5 days.