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Naming is the process of developing a brand name for a company, product or service, the most important part of a company’s marketing strategy, an integral part of brand positioning.

The development of naming is a complex procedure in which it is quite important not to make a mistake. Semonemics, the science which deals with the creation of company names using marketing factors, states that the name containing a certain contradiction and thereby arousing curiosity can “catch” the human imagination. Therefore, to select the right name of company or brand, a combination of a fresh look, ingenuity, innovative thinking and creativity is necessary. A creatively designed quality name ensures that it will be “rooted” in the minds of the desired target audience.
Our agency is ready to develop for you the name that will be working for the benefit of your business 24 hours a day, helping stand out amongst your competitors. The naming process in our agency is carried out in stages. Proper completion of each stage is the key to the successful name development. You can acquaint yourself with the stages and tell us about your ideas and wishes after visiting and filling out our brief.