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The success of a website is determined not only by its appearance but also by its content. High-quality text content will help attract new customers and boost your site’s search engine ranking. Our team of specialists is ready to create unique texts for your site or blog and provide reliable translation of content into the languages such as:

  • English.
  • Italian.
  • Russian.
  • Ukrainian.

Features of high-quality text that are important to consider

Uniqueness is the percentage of original text and material borrowed from the Internet. It is one of the main criteria by which search engines evaluate the quality of text content. The 95-100% uniqueness fosters higher ranking of a site or blog in search engine.

Keywords are words or phrases that are typed when a user searches for relevant information. It is desirable to select relevant keywords using different types of their input into the text.Spamming is an indicator that determines how often a word or phrase is used in a text.

For search engines to find your site faster, you should focus on spamming of a keyword or phrase. Spamming should not exceed 3-5%.

Watery is the proportion of stop words and figures of speech that do not have a semantic meaning in the text. Stop words include linking words, prepositions, pronouns, particles. They are ignored by search engines, but to write a text without them is impossible. Watery is considered normal if its rate does not exceed 40%.

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