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Logo redesign – reasons and benefits
In this article we will look at the several objective reasons why redesigning a logo is not the whim of the design department, but rather a part of the natural selection in the marketing competition environment. Everyone will agree that a company logo is an integral part of its identity, but com...
The importance of unique content
The Internet provides unique opportunities for business development with a myriad of new websites appearing daily. Nowadays it is difficult to find a more or less successful organization or a company that does not have its own website. But have you ever thought about what a website really is for?...
Why your website may be inefficient
And how it damages your business   You may have been wondering why your website is not as efficient as you would have liked it to be. Unsatisfactory traffic, low sales or conversion rates are just a few of the likely problems. The answer to it is that websites do not automatically start ge...
Web design trends in 2017
We’re living in 2017 now everyone and as we all know, new visual ideas and concepts appear each year both for users and designers to appreciate. So let’s take a look at some of the new juicy and cool trends we can look forward to exploring. Extraordinary eye-catching fonts have bee...
New mixed reality head-mounted displays on the horizon
The new Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset will very soon become available. It is the first head-mounted display that is using inside-out tracking technology first introduced by HoloLens. This will probably mean the dawn of the development of the new mixed reality headsets supporting world-scale ...

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